Bringing dual farming rewards through margin trading and lending, to yield farming, on the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and more!

​ v1 in its first and most basic iteration garnered over $30M TVL and 10k+ farmers!

v2 comes packed with

  • Dual farming rewards, for both, LP stakers, and yes, single stakers too
  • Capped total supply of SpaceX, transitionary airdrop for v1 participants, alongside a time weighted dividend reward to ease transition + limited 24h $SPACE farming pool from launch
  • Improved ecosystem fee economics, tailored towards reducing sell pressure, whilst increasing buy pressure and providing value
  • Return of the original Black Hole, utilising Chainlink VRF, announcement to come here close to launch
  • Farm ready community which has been anticipating launch for months
Last modified 2mo ago