Degen Protocol



Choose a trading pair, then choose the margin pool by rating, liquidity, lending interest, and open positions. You are then able to trade and make use of advanced features such as stop-loss and take profit. Please note that since all pools and pairs are user-created, you will have to do your own due diligence regarding fee structures and liquidity on the pools you use. NOTE: All trading & funding remains 100% on-chain and is not affected by user customisation.


Deposit your money to a margin bi-pool to earn a percentage of all trades, as well as interest. Earnings are independent of trader's profits or losses, but solely based on trading volume. Please note that lent funds cannot be withdrawn if they are currently in use by traders.

Lending Pool Creation

Anyone can create a margin trading bi-pool on the Degen Protocol. The creator can easily customise the pool’s settings: creator tax, lending fee, maximum leverage, maximum pool utilization, along with the daily interest for lenders. Once created, anyone can start lending and margin trading, using that pool forever as long as there is liquidity provided.